Masters Degrees

MD in accountingThe purpose of the master academic studies in accounting is to allow students with further scientific and professional education to deepen their knowledge of institutional policies and institutional structures where accounting decisions are made relevant to the functioning of the economic systems, legal entities, financial institutions, markets, financial instruments and banking business.
With the knowledge acquired on the master degree program, students gain ability to successfully master the techniques and skills to competently solve the key problems faced by business entities, banks and other financial institutions as government institutions, profit and nonprofit organizations, in which future graduates will be professionally involved.

The curriculum of the study program is based on deepened and improved methodological, theoretical and practical knowledge. Students are trained to perform complex analytical, project and management activities in organizations and institutions where they will be involved in the complex conditions of economic process.
The main goal of the accounting degree study program is to provide students with quality fundamental, theoretical, methodological, scientific-technical and professional application of knowledge in order to continue their scientific training, as well as inclusion in the educational and scientific process of doctoral degree program studies.

The online accounting masters degree program offers to participant skills and specific knowledge needed for an accounting career. The curriculum of the master degree program enables deepening of theoretical, methodological knowledge and its application in the field of general economics, financial institutions and instruments, accounting and bookkeeping business. It trains students for competent application of the acquired theoretical and practical knowledge in solving specific problem situations with which banking and financial institutions government bodies are facing. In general Master degree program enables students during the preparation of the final master paper to gain knowledge and techniques required for independent theoretical and practical understanding of relevant issues in the contemporary accounting science.

Students who complete the Master degree program in Accounting will gain general competencies related to: being capable of performing analysis and synthesis, planning and organizing, gain problem solving ability and management skills, develop teamwork ability and communication skills as well as being able to apply the acquired knowledge in practice. Master degree graduate students will possess subject-specific and professional competencies that are  specified in details in the curriculum of the degree program studies.
The students implement their knowledge and skills gained at the postgraduates accounting studies in solving real problems in business environments.