Keller University

Keller CollegeKeller University was founded 35 years ago, becoming today one of the largest graduate management schools in the U.S. with approximately 30,000 alumni from coast to coast.

With a degree earned from DeVry University’s Keller Graduate School of Management, students gain professional credibility and essential skills necessary to advance in  their career. It is highly regarded training institution offers a curriculum that is highly responsive to industry trends with its campus and online learning options, Keller delivers flexible graduate management degree programs that give students an outstanding educational experience, including skills that employers value and confidence they need to advance in their career and stay ahead of the competition.

At Keller Graduate School of Management, students can earn a graduate degree or certificate that meets their educational goals and propels career goals forward. Plus, with Keller’s flexibility, students can complete their graduate certificate or earn graduate degree by taking classes on campus, online or through a combination of both.

Keller offers degree programs in accounting, finance, information systems and human resources. The graduate school courses are taught by leaders in the workplace with real-world experience they share with students.  The MBA degrees offer choice of 16 concentrations, one of 7 specialized master’s degrees, or one of 14 graduate certificates, Keller’s graduate degree programs can help students develop relevant skills and valued credentials in the professional world.


Keller University offers the following master’s degree programs:

MBA Program

Specialized Master’s Degree Programs

Graduate Certificates

Master of Business Administration (MBA) Degree


Keller’s MBA degree program is designed to expose students to a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Keller offers 16 concentrations that allow students to further focus on their degree by taking elective courses in a specific subject area, often applicable to one or several career fields.

Master of Business Administrations

MBA Concentrations to Accounting

E-Commerce Management


General Management

Health Services

Hospitality Management

Human Resources

Information Security

Information Systems Management

International Business


Network & Communications Management

Project Management

Public Administration

Security Management

Sustainability Management