Doctorate Degrees

doctorate graduateThe doctoral degree program is a completion of the vertical of education in the Accounting field. The curriculum of postgraduate  doctoral studies is conceived in a way to provide the candidates with flexibility in terms of forming modules that with the selection of subjects recommended by their mentors will ensure the quality of their dissertation.  The Innovative postgraduate program in Accounting is basically a development of strategy for postgraduate studies which is implemented through individual program modules, relied on continuous mentoring the scientific-research work of students. With this mentoring program the postgraduate studies are remarkably introduced to other activities which in a relatively short period of time can effectively develop the independence of researchers in basic and applied studies.

The doctorate accounting program includes study of the contemporary scientific findings as well as the results of fundamental and applied scientific research that provide broad and in-depth knowledge of the global economic flows.

The main goal of the PhD degree program in Accounting is to educate qualified doctors of science to be capable for independent research and other tasks that require a scientific approach. Upon completion of the Doctorate Studies participants will be trained to conduct fundamental and applied research at a high level in accordance with international standards. The program includes independent scientific projects which will result in the doctoral dissertations of the highest academic level.

Participants will thereby be provided with the theoretical and methodological instruction and mentoring which will be addressed to the contemporary scientific achievements.

Upon completion of this study, PhDs acquire abilities and skills of independent scientific research in the field of Accounting and business studies, as well as opportunity for involvement in scientific research at universities, scientific research institutes, as well as in economy research institutes.