Certified Public Accountant Classes

Education for acquiring the Certified Public Accountants (CPA)  certificate

CPA A Public Accountants Certification program is a form of educational classes designed primarily for candidates that want to acquire the professional title of Certified Public Accountants (CPAs). Acquiring the relevant professional title – Certified Accountants (CA) is achieved only by passing the appropriate examination in cases provided unique certification program for professional accountants.
Vocational training program administered by lecturers are professors and experts in accounting and financial areas previously approved by special Commission as the only institution that has the status of a certified, professional certification bodies in the field accounting and auditing.

Participants are trained to acquire academic and professional assistance in preparing the exam through lectures and exercises in subjects and areas defined by the unique certification program for professional accountants, as well as to gain new and expand existing theoretical and practical knowledge and experience in accordance with the standards and guidelines of the competent organizations and bodies in this area and the laws on accounting and auditing.

Within the accounting  classes, the students listen to a certain number of hours of lectures and exercises in subjects and areas that are required to take to gain the professional title Certified Public Accountants:
Business Law and taxes (for students with a college degree or university non-economic orientation)
The application of management accounting
Financial Reporting
Audit and internal control system
Application of financial management

After completing the certificate program candidates receive a certificate on completion of training.