Career Guide

accountant at workAccountants are vital for any successful business! Under the legislation they record business transactions based on the accounting records, and after a thorough data analysis, they prepare periodic reports for the administration, management, business partners, investors and others. Since this is a fairly large amount of data, with the introduction of information technology in accounting, accountants’ work became significantly facilitated. If you have always shown a preference for numbers and calculations, take the opportunity to qualify for this demanding position .

Accounting clerks produce, update, store financial and non financial documents in various institutions in the state administration, non-governmental organizations, financial institutions such as banks,  insurance companies and in companies with manufacturing services or commercial activities. After processing the data, clerks  prepare statements used by internal users (employees, management) and external users (owners, banks, business partners, investors, auditors, government organizations, etc.).

independent accountantIndependent accountant is a vital position for any successful and regular business operations. Independent accountants  records business transactions based on the accounting records and the data analysis, they prepare periodic reports for the tax administration, management, business partners, investors and others.

Forensic accountant – The main responsibility of forensic accountants is detecting fraud in financial statements. A number of financial scams and scandals and the emergence of the global financial and economic crisis at the turn of this century pointed to the fore the relevance and reliability of financial information. The system of financial reporting and accounting-auditing profession is often accused of occurrence of fraud and loss of confidence of financial information by the users and makers of economic decisions.

More specifically  Forensic accountant job description is considering fraud and errors as a cause of inaccurate financial reports as well as controlling mechanisms and institutions responsible for fraud  investigation.

bookkeeper at workBookkeeping profession is very similar to the accountant’s,  some may think  that it is the same job position, we may agree on the first statement. Future bookkeepers don’t need as many degrees such as bachelor’s degree in accounting or certificates as Certified Public Accountant that an accountant would need to get the job, but it is rather an entry position into the accounting world with less experience.

Bookkeepers manage companies  financial records such as recording financial transactions (written and received cheques), managing and establishing accounts, dealing with bank statements, invoicing clients, making federal and state tax deposits completing annual tax forms, filling reports and documents and many more depending on the size of the company he works for.