Bachelor Degrees

accounting bachelor graduateWith completion of undergraduate studies, students gain basic knowledge in accounting, which enables them to perform less demanding tasks in different accounting sectors. With the acquired knowledge student can proceed further with their education and enroll into master degree programs in accounting.

The bachelor degree program offers education to students by applying the highest educational standards of modern  education using contemporary literature, additional teaching materials, multimedia equipment and the use of computer presentations. The communication of the department, teachers and staff with the students is transparent and can be performed also through the Internet through online education programs.
The main educational objectives of the bachelor degree program is studying accounting as “the language of modern business” and using accounting information for decision making, as well as to provide understanding of the environment in which they were created.

The goal of Accounting degree program is to introduce students to basic accounting categories and enable them to understand the accounting (bookkeeping) process and logic of the accounting processing and reporting. Mastering curriculum content as a basis of accounting is necessary for follow-up accounting classes upgrades, financial accounting, cost accounting and managerial accounting.
Bachelor degree program curriculum is consisted of:

  • Accounting and its role in contemporary terms
  • Systems and methods of accounting
  • Assets, liabilities and equity
  • Balance sheet changes over the assets, liabilities and equity
  • Expenditures and revenues in the business enterprise
  • Profit and loss accounts
  • Balance sheet changes over expenditures and revenues
  • Statement of Cash Flows
  • Statement of changes in equity
  • Bookkeeping and accounting records
  • Adjusting entries, Closing entries, Inventories

With completion of undergraduate studies, students acquire the academic title Bachelor of Science in  Accounting. With completion of professional study the student attains the rank of Specialist in business studies. After completing undergraduate studies, students may continue their education at an appropriate study program of graduate study.