Accounting Classes

Independent Accountant Independent Accountant classes are designed for students who are faced with the accounting for the first time, as well as for persons who already work in the bookkeeping business and want to expand their knowledge and specialize in certain areas. Upon completion of this particular accounting course students will be able to perform bookkeeping tasks  in their own company or business, or acquire qualifications they need to find suitable employment position.
The theoretical part of this online class focuses on learning about  recording business events in the books and preparing the basic financial statements. The practical teaching is designed so that the acquired knowledge of accounting is applied in practice though various  bookkeeping software applications. Apart from keeping business records , students will learn to use some of the basic software tools, essential in the modern business management office (Word, Excel, and Internet).

Tax Accounting online classes – This educational program is a comprehensive college degree program that will enable students to learn the recording of business transactions in accordance with applicable legislation. Tax accountants make various types of accounts and independently analyze financial statements based on certain indicators. Therefore, the goal of this study course  is to train students to conduct accounting activities of a company or business for example to prepare the following statements:

  • Income Taxes
  • Special taxes–as on motor vehicles, vessels, boats and aircrafts
  • Taxes on use of public land
  • Taxes on property and houses
  • Tax on trade name

Cost/Managerial Accounting  - The Aim is to ensure gaining of necessary knowledge and skills to perform the job of an accountant in the modern business environment. Through this  online accounting degree program, students will be familiarized with working on a computer as well as the theoretical and practical basis of accounting, and upon completion of the program they will be able to keep business books and provide accounting services  under a supervision of a certified independent accountant.

Bookkeeping classes – Upon completion of this online course, students will beBookepping classes fully trained in bookkeeping crafts, payroll, tax preparation and reporting for statistical purposes as well as compiling  annual tax returns. Education program aims to enable participants to create and control the accounting records and issued accounts  on the basis of incurred business changes. The student is introduced to education within the business environment and requirements for internal and external reporting on business books. With the basics of operating cash, treasury and payments, the student prepares to monitor the accounting records to be able to work independently and to monitor changes in the regulations. Bookkeeping Classes are held according to current regulations, accounting and professional standards. Simulating examples from practice, gradually from simpler to complex, the program aims to introduce students to bookkeeping career.

Accounting Information Systems – This accounting educational program is designed for students who want to concentrate their education in  Accounting Information Systems. They learn about the basic theory of the accounting information systems, the overview of business organization and business processes, the accounting process and the circulation flow of accounting information within and outside the business. Other subjects include introduction to accounting subsystems, information system, accounting information subsystems of production, procurement, sales, and the subsystems of the human reward resources. Business Intelligence is another object of interest which includes the consideration of internal controls and specific controls of accounting information systems with special emphasis on control in terms of using computer technology.