Is College Degree Needed to be an Accountant

Required knowledge and skills for a successfulAccountants after graduation Accounting Career

The labor market is crying out for skilled accounting degree graduates while employers respect and value them, and it is very important, the salary is nice! Additionally, among the most sought after professions are accountants of all profiles, Forensic accountants, Independent accountants, Accounting clerks, Audits, Bookkeepers etc….

The trend for professional development is widely recognized, employers demand customization, additional training and retraining. Nobody was born with knowledge in his profession, but we become experts in our profession with our will, efforts, and combination of circumstances. Nowadays it is almost impossible to find a job where is not necessary to constantly and continually improve your education, knowledge and skills. The adjustment to the demand of employers is not always so easy but in case you want to become an accountant this in not necessarily a bad thing…

To become a good and successful accountant is not sufficient just to earn a college degree. Without an intention to  underestimate the value of higher education institutions, but on the contrary, in order to get to a better employment position, higher salary and better working conditions at first are the personal efforts, knowledge and dedication. So do not despair, but think about what is the fastest and easiest way to advance your career.

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What Education is Required to start a career as a Bookkeeper

A bookkeeper swamped with workA bookkeeper is a nice profession for those who do not know what else to be and the ones that think “Administration Rules”. The accountants’ job is highly sought and well paid… We should emphasize that bookkeeping is not an administration job (although at first glance it does seems so). A bookkeeper does not just “scrub” and enter data into a computer. Yet, he is expected to be an expert, to be agile, sharp and ambitious. To be daring, authoritative, eloquent …

The bookkeeper must be competent and to understand his work. Expertise generally does not come with diplomas and certificates, but with experience, even though the first two aspects must not be neglected. The age of the bookkeeper does not say much about him, except that the stereotype is to be more than 40 years old. Should we blindly follow the stereotypes? No, we do not have to, nevertheless, the experience comes with the years … Continue reading

Why Earning an Accounting Degree is Important

What exactly accounting is?

Nowadays one of the very lucrative, highly sought, and at the same time very well-paid professions is being an accountant. An increasing number of schools, colleges, universities and educational institutions are providing  education  in the field of accounting.

In these accounting courses, or by attending accounting degree colleges you can learn a lot, starting from the basics of accounting all the way to being highly qualified to obtain an employment as an accountant in many private and public institutions.

The Financial status of a particular company is actually expressed in numbers and here exactly is where bookkeeping takes place. Each inflow or outflow of money, if the entrepreneur has an accountant,  must be filed and has to go right through the accountant, since the occupation is so popular and sought after, each business owner has to always set aside enough money to hire an accountant because the success of the business greatly depends of the skills and knowledge of the accountant.

To realize what bookkeeping is you need to have understandings about the business trends  and have knowledge on how things in the world of business and entrepreneurs generally work. Continue reading

External and Internal Financial control

Internal and External Financial controlFinancial planning is emerging as a method and instrument of financial management, which represents foundation of the business, while financial control includes monitoring, testing, evaluation and realization of these plans. They are both subjects of study at online accounting degree programs. Here students learn about both aspect of financial control: external and internal.

Internal control is a set of measures taken by the management in terms of achieving the business goals. In the accounting degree program, these measures are defined and grouped as following: protection of property (assets) of excessive spending; ensuring reliability of accounting data; consistent implementation of policies in all parts of the company and evaluation of the sector performance, employees and managements’ performance. It can be divided into administrative and accounting control. Continue reading

Profit and Loss statement – Accounting Education

Profit and Loss statementIncome statement or profit-loss statement, as it is often stated in the accounting education literature, is a review of revenues, expenditures and financial results. The main goal of this particular subject as a part of accounting degree programs is to teach students how to mark the difference between the final financial results and those conventionally defined for a certain accounting period.

Financial results can be either positive or negative. If the result is positive, it is recorded as expenditure and if negative then it is revenue. Later on their courser of accounting education, students will learn about the establishment of balance sheet, as these results are implemented in the finalization of balance sheet. Continue reading

Management accounting – A Distinctive Accounting Career Field

management accounting classesManagement accounting is one of the subjects comprehensively studied on Accounting degree colleges. It involves processes and techniques that lead to financial and nonfinancial information relevant for decision-making, in order to create better business management and achieve maximum financial success.

Financial accounting information can be used in the management of the company. It is very important information basis that management uses in making business decisions. It has to be, in form and substance, aligned with the information needs of management. And that is precisely the content of management accounting.

Active management accounting meets the needs of the heads of the companies only. It is remarkable that online accounting degree programs are  oriented towards the future. Based on information of management accounting, students must be able to plan, make decisions and then  monitor the implementation. Continue reading

Financial audit of the public sector

Financial audit of the public sector is one of the most important subjects while studying to earn an accounting degree. In the current conditions of marketable economy a proper accounting education is an invaluable asset to have a complete perception of the financial situation of the company. For this purpose is used financial audit of the public sector, which with its accuracy and comprehensiveness makes it easier to maintain the financial balance of the public companies.

Public companies have specific position in the realization of their functions, as well as specific problems they are struggling with. Their position is regulated like the positions of any other company, but it acts as corporations owned by state and local governmental bodies.  The auditing of financial accounting statements of public companies is very important in the realization of the objectives of public enterprises.  Continue reading

Accounting in Today’s Modern Business Environment

Modern business accountingKeeping up with modern trends in business developments requires constant learning, however getting a degree in accounting is essential for any person that sees his future in this field.

College education would not only provide you with the proper knowledge in accounting but will additionally allow you to socialize with future accountants, and give you advantage when following up  with the latest trends in the field of accounting.

Today’s modern accounting is called “Double accounting”, which means that every accounting change must be displayed on at least two accounts of which the first displays positive changes in the work of the  company, and the other negative changes in the operation.

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Bookkeeping – concept, objectives and targets

accountant at workIn addition to the Economists of all profiles, Sales Managers, Finance Managers, Experts in planning, analysis and control, according to the official statistics information of the National Employment Service  a Bookkeeper is one of the most demanded professions today .

In order to become a successful Bookkeeper you need first to earn an associate degree in accounting which will be completed in two-year study or even faster if you enroll into online education through distance learning degree programs offered by some of the top colleges in accounting .Further to the certification you should possess interpersonal skills as trustworthiness, an attention to detail and strong communication skills.
Bookkeeping provides the data that are applied in various ways in different parts of accounting. This is the main reason why bookkeeping is often defined as the computational basis of accounting. Bookkeeping in accounting planning provides the foundation in a way while making the plan always starts from the present situation and afterwards enables the provision of information on the results achieved as well as the condition of the property. Bookkeeping must have reliable information in order to make the best quality business decisions.

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The influence of Information Technology on Accounting

How Information Technology Influenced Accounting Profession

Accounting Information Technology studentThe accounting profession is part of the occupational fields that were changed from the roots with the  use of modern technology . The Basic principles and work are still exactly the same, but the methods for processing, distribution, transmission and data access are completely different.

Modern accounting information systems allow electronic processing of data which does not require specific accounting degree  for those that input the data, but require such knowledge and skills to set up the  information system in order to be able to organize the chart entries, document flow, data entry, and to link this data. The advantage of this approach is the speed of data processing, while the main disadvantage is “distancing the author” of his final product. In addition to this because of the lack of specific knowledge, It’s very common to have occurring problems  in being unable to  locate the critical point of the data input process. Continue reading